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Hiking to the summit of Harney Peak is a unique accomplishment…please share your experience.

Was this your first Harney Peak hike?  Did you make it to the Fire Tower?  Did you see a sunrise?  See the back of Mount Rushmore?  A glimpse of a mountain goat on the granite?  Get caught in an afternoon thunderstorm?  A fun or unique story?  Just want to log your hike to South Dakota’s highest peak?

Tips for others that may be considering the hike?  Questions about hiking Harney Peak?

Harney Peak – In Your Words:

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  1. Dave

    Me and a buddy hiked 7242 ft. Harney Peak yesterday afternoon (Dec. 21, 2012) to view and photograph the Winter Solstice sunset from the fire tower. It was a great hike but it was COLD at the top. Wind was fierce with a windchill of probably well below zero. But it was very clear and we could see for many miles in all directions. Saw a chipmunk and several curious deer on the way. We arrived up top just minutes before the sun touched the horizon.

    Our path took us up Trail No. 4 from Sylvan which took us past many of the granite spires, then Trail 3 until we hooked up with good ol’ No. 9 near the top. Sunset was magnificent! The trek back to Sylvan was in the dark but the moon and stars were bright enough to illuminate the path. Never had to break out the head lamps. We stayed on Trail 9 all the way down. Being out of the wind on the way down, we quickly warmed up from the relatively easy walk.

    It took us 2 hours for the ascent and 1½ hours back down. Hope to do another winter hike again since we had the whole place to ourselves. Well worth the effort.

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