Harney Peak

At 7,242 feet, Harney Peak stands prominently as the highest point in the Black Hills of western South Dakota. Standing sentinel over the Black Hills, Harney Peak is topped by stone fire tower providing a magnificent view. Nestled in a wilderness area, and accessible by hiking a 3.5 mile trail starting from Custer State Park, the granite summit is the highest point in South Dakota.

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Harney Peak Revealed

The natural, historical and cultural significance of Harney Peak is captured in Harney Peak Revealed. Upon Harney Peak, a great Native American vision was received; a famous General nearly took the summit by horseback, Wasicu Waken was laid to rest, an enormous rock monument was contemplated and a stone fire tower capped the peak. Often overshadowed and scattered among the pages of history, Harney Peak Revealed captures the morsels and molds a unique perspective of the summit. Through each event the granite peak gradually discloses its character and garners an appreciation of the sacred summit.

Harney Peak

The historic fire lookout tower built upon the remote summit remains as an abandoned shell and is open to the public. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the mid-1930’s, photos of the structure show the native stone that was manually hauled the three miles to the summit.

The Black Hills are speckled with grand monuments, forested hillsides, rolling plains, abundant wildlife and granite spirals. Hiking trails meander through the Black Hills providing an opportunity to see the natural wonders up close.

Weather, maps and directions are available on Plan Your Visit. The many cities and towns throughout the Hills provide a wide variety of lodging, restaurants and shopping experiences.

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View from Harney Peak

A commanding view of the Black Hills from atop Harney Peak.